With concave built into the hooks, the 3D pockets have created more places for you to lock-in. A small drop, an amazing concave, and a perfect platform size gives you just what you need to do any kind of riding, and if you encounter any obstacles along the way, ollie, grind, and destroy them with the kicktails. Tucking on this board is nice with it's size you can get nice and low, and with such a small drop it allows your slides to be easy and well controlled .

Length: 41" Width: 9.85" Kicks length: 2.75"
Wheebases: 29 - 30.5"
Effective Foot Platform: 25.25"
Drop: 0.6"
Concave: 0.5"
Features: 1/2" thick of canadian maple laminate, ND11 Concave, twin kicks, 0.6" lowered platform, old school mounting holes.

Light Duty Edition is 7/16 thick, Heavy Duty Edition is 9/16 thick.
Price: $250.00